Once there was a king update Wednesday 13 April 2022

Once there was a king
Once there was a king

Once there was a King 13 April 2022: Kaal holds a hand to slap Raja but was shocked to see Raaj Mata coming with Rani. Bari Rani was left in shock, recalling all about the past. Raaj Mata only smiles, and joins her hands to them, saying she wanted to meet them for a long time but never got a chance. She was worried by the dryness in their attitudes and feels as if they dislike watching her here. Raja offers Dadu a seat to talk and takes them inside.They all sat with the family, Raaj Mata tries to recall her memory. She says it feels as if she know them, and has some old relations with them all. Rani apologizes Bari Rani Maa as Raaj Mata has lost her memory, she always try to recognize people.

Bari Rani Maa smiles that this means Raaj Mata doesn’t recognize her or Kaal, and Rani is also unaware of all the situation. She speaks that it is hurtful. Rani tells them that in her childhood, they used to live in Amirkot. Kaal wonders how he didn’t come to know about their presence so close, Bari Rani Maa exclaims that she wouldn’t have been here, had they know. Raaj Mata says her granddaughter is her pride, she will decorate any house she goes to. Raja loves Rani, Bari Rani Maa says after meeting Raaj Mata she has no objection in marrying Raja with Rani, she accepts this proposal. Kaal stares at her curtly, Raja was elated and goes to hug her.


Rani comes to touch Bari Rani Maa’s feet with Raja, she blesses them both. They now come to Kaal who finally accepts Rani. Rani and Raja now come to Raaj Mata.Later, Bari Rani Maa slaps Kokilla saying her husband committed this mistake, due to which they had to bend in front of Raaj Mata. It is because of him that the heir of this palace, Rani Gayatri is alive. She won’t sit silent, when she come to recognize herself. She is Rana ji’s daughter after all.

In the terrace, Rani sat with her hear resting on Raja’s shoulder. She was in disbelief that Bari Rani Maa hated her, how she accepted the proposal. Raja boasts that Bari Rani Maa loves him.Kaal was ready to kill Raaj Mata and Rani right away, but Bari Rani Maa says now they can’t take such vicious decisions as there is democracy.
Raja witness the earth, flowers, fragrance and the dew around that each day he will try to get better for her, they will be partners in all the decisions.Kaal suspected Raaj Mata has really forgotten the past, and Rani is unaware of her parent’s life history. He considers it a trap. Bari Rani Maa says that Raaj Mata lost her world in this palace, today she came and sat in front of the murderers of her family without any anger.

It seems she has really lost her memory, they only have to take care she doesn’t recall anything. There, Raaj Mata dreams about her past, and wakes up at once. She walks through the forest where Raja and Rani had now finished taken vows and were hugging each other.
Bari Rani Maa wonders what Raja will do if he come to know about this all, he is Kaal’s biggest player on the game of royalty; what if they lose him. They hear Raaj Mata calling Rana ji and Gayatri at the door of palace. She was crying hysterically looking around and shouts her children were killed just in front of her eyes. She can vision Rana ji’s dead body lying on the floor, and sits beside it calling Rana ji to get up. Kaal heads forward, while Bari Rani Maa tries to stop him.

Raja parts from Rani, and calls it simpler than he had thought. Bari Rani Maa welcomed her really easily, Rani teases him by skipping his hug.Raaj Mata shouts that the blood stains of Rana ji are still there on the walls of this palace, they have shed his blood but the same blood has returned to this palace; the daughter of Raja ji and Gayatri. Their heir, their daughter is here. She will revenge her parent’s bloodshed, and till she is alive she will protect her daughter. Kaal goes inside to get his gun and takes Raaj Mata’s aim.

Amrita comes to stop Kaal, as Rani won’t be able to live without Raaj Mata and Raja won’t leave them. Bari Rani Maa tries to explain to Kaal that this Raaj Mata has gone crazy now, it won’t benefit him anyway to kill her. Raaj Mata cried, shouting at everyone to give her way else she will kill everyone.

Raja and Rani were still playful, a thorn pricks Rani’s feet. Raja holds her to a bench and takes the thorn off, she screams. Raja kiss her foot. Some guards come to call them, and inform Rani that Raaj Mata is really well. Raaj Mata cried in the hall, forbidding anyone to come to her. She asks Amrita about theire whereabouts, and orders her to throw them all out of the palace. Raja and Rani hurry inside, Raaj Mata points at the stop that this is where her Baba was killed.

Kokilla who had been hearing the conversation fearfully knocks a vase that fell off. Raaj Mata remembers she was a partner in this crime, and goes to drag her in the middle. She asks Kokilla to tell what the truth is. Kaal brings a nurse to inject Raaj Mata with sedatives. Bari Rani Maa was relieved, Rani cries hugging Raaj Mata. The doctor says she needs rest along with medicines, and needs to be kept away from any mental pressure. Rano apologizes Kaal and Bari Rani Maa for her behavior, but her grandmother is not mentally well. She wonders why Raaj Mata did this, because she never hurt anyone. Bari Rani Maa asks since when Raaj Mata get these attacks, Rani says since her Baba died after her mother. They were quizzical, and inquires about her father’s name.

Rani replies Laakhan. Bari Rani Maa thinks that Raaj Mata hasn’t told Rani about her real parents. Rani was unaware how her father died, but Raaj Mata got TB and they shifted to Kasoli, but later she lost her memory.
In the other room, Kaal walked restlessly. Amrita was sure Raja would know one day about it. Kaal warns if Amrita opens her mouth, he will kill her and Rani both and Raja as well if needed. Bari Rani Maa says after the wedding of Raja and Rani, Premvadha and Gayatri will stay in front of their eyes. And in some case, if they have to kill Rani Raja will turn to be the real heir of this palace. Kaal was worried that Raja shouldn’t know about it before time.
There, Raja and Rani were in the room where Raja Mata was asleep.

They discuss Raaj Mata only get such attacks when she is worried, but today there was something different as it was a happy day of her life. Raaj Mata wakes up and looks around, Raja assures her they are at her place and everything is fine. The three of them hug.

The next morning, Raaj Mata comes to the hall and requests to say something. Bari Rani Maa angrily replies that it’s her time to speak. Kokilla claps and the servants arrive with Shagun thaals. Raja comes there too. Bari Rani Maa says since yesterday she agreed for this proposal for Raja, but as Rani took care of Raaj Mata last night she is sure she is the right girl for Raja. She has come to fix the proposal now. Rani was elated and comes to take blessings from Bari Rani Maa. She was hopeful to gift her and Raaj Mata with some memorable thing in life, for now this shagun is her blessings. Raja and Rani are seated together.

Bindu and Jeewan watch this curtly. Bari Rani Maa brings sweet for Raaj Mata, who takes a bite under keen stare of Bari Rani Maa.

Rani was massaging Raaj Mata during sleep when she hears whistles downstairs. She comes to see Raja standing downstairs with his arms open. She hurries outside, Raja blindfolds her and takes her to the side or a garden where there was lighting all around. She thanks him, he demands for a kiss. Rani was annoyed and calls him a misbehaving person. Raja smiles that she looks really cute when angry, and holds her hand to kiss it. They run into an argument, Raja holds her, both fell on the floor playfully. Rani begins to cry at once, Raja was concerned trying to hold her tears.

Rani says she was never as happy as today, its unbelievable. She has witnessed her dreams shatter, and is afraid this time as well. Raja assures no dream will break now. Rani was worried what if she is left waiting for him in the mandap. Rana promises this won’t happy, no matter what happens he will marry her for sure. Raja and Rani will be one forever.
Amrita was looking over the preparations for wedding. Jeewan comes to help, but Raja holds his hand.

Raja jerks Jeewan’s hand away. Jeewan accepts his mistake and apologizes, but Raja says there is not forgiveness to what he has done. Jeewan comes to request Amrita, both of her sons are impulsive and commits mistakes; he has paid a huge cost for his actions. Amrita forgives Jeewan. Bari Rani Maa stops Raja from interfering, there has been celebrations at home after a long time. She doesn’t want any bitterness in them.

Raja watches Rani walk towards him during the function. Jeewan comes in between with his hands joint for Rani, he accepts that she hates him, but he hates himself more than she might do. His passion turned him wild, but he hasn’t gone so far away as to not return. He requests her to forgive him.

Amrita comes to advocate Jeewan, he is really ashamed, he is Raja’s younger brother and they have to live in a single house after she gets married. Rani nods towards Jeewan, who cheers and promises never to break their trust. He goes to dance and celebrate his brother’s Sangeet well. Raja asks about beginning the ritual, Raaj Mata asks him to leave as this is women’s function. Raja insists that times are changing, Raaj Mata boasts that rituals of Raajputs won’t change. Rani asks him to leave and come tomorrow. Raja was sure to meet her at night, Rani was sure he won’t be able to come. Raja leaves winking at him.

Raaj tells Rani that her mother in law to be isn’t only handing her jewelry, these are thousand years old rituals of Rajputs. These jewelry illustrates what each piece of jewelry means. Rani enjoys it, while Kokilla remembers Gayatri’s jewelry. Rani asks how Raaj mata know about all these rituals of royals. Raaj mata was clueless, she says she remembered it all by herself; she was born in this soil and upon returning Amirkot she remembered her roots. Rani bends to touch Amrita’s feet. Amrita asks her to get used to calling her Maa now, rani was weepy and calls her as Maa.

Rani was trying to wear her necklace, Raja comes to help her. She says thankyou, he replies with a welcome. Rani was shocked to see him, he says he is fulfilling his promise about meeting tonight. Rani was worried if someone comes here. Raja didn’t care, no one can stop him meeting his wife today. Rani pushes him away, saying they can stop him from meeting his wife-to-be.

Her necklace gets stuck with his button, she tries to remove it while Raja holds her by her waist. She victoriously watches him after getting it removed, later her bangles tuck with his sleeve. She boasts about breaking the thread, Raja holds her arm to drag her behind; holding her close to himself. They share some intimate moments, Raja whispers I love you in her ear and kiss her forehead; then asks her to come soon as he would wait for her. Rani gets weepy, she was tired of fighting this life alone and is afraid of falling alone again.

Raja holds her hand, and assures he will never leave this hand, she won’t fall alone from today. Rani hugs him.
At night, Raja stood with his friends to watch Rani dressed in royal blue. Raaj Mata walks inside, and was once again doomed recalling some flashes from her past. She loses her balance. Rani was concerned and asks if everything is fine. Raaj Mata wonders how she has been related to this palace, whenever she comes here all her injuries freshen up. Rani assures nothing won’t happen and takes her inside. Amrita greets Raaj Mata and take her inside. Rani was walking the lane, when some petals fell over her. She notices Raja standing upstairs, and pass her flying kiss. She was about to return it, when Amrita comes to take her.

Jeewan was taking care of arrangements when Bindu stops his way, she tells him that he acts brilliantly but not as good for her to believe. Jeewan says taking wolf’s skin doesn’t let lion turn to a wolf. Bindu stops Jeewan, she accepts he is angry at her for helping Raja find him; but she won’t let Rani marry Raja. She will force Rani to leave Raja.

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