Cassper Nyovest reveals things he regrets not telling Riky Rick

Cassper Nyovest discusses what he wishes he had told his former friend Riky Rick before he passed away.

Friends and family gathered at Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg on Tuesday to commemorate the rap legend’s life.


Mufasa, who was a close friend of the late actor, jumped on stage to say a few words about him.

As Riky was adamant about reunion, Cass made it known that they had worked out their disagreements.

He also expressed regret for not telling Riky how much he enjoyed the video in which he performed an acapella version of Sondela.

“I like listening to Riky sing. I preferred hearing him sing to hearing him rap. He was constantly encouraged to sing by me.”

“Even though we were speaking, myself and him were not on the best of terms. One of my regrets is that I didn’t have the opportunity to tell him how much I enjoyed that video and hearing him sing again.”

Mufasa enthused about Riky’s beauty as well.

“Riky was a hero of mine. Riky embodied all I aspired to be. One of the things I never told him — I’m not sure if it was because of toxic masculinity or what — was that I truly thought he was a lovely man… Riky was so attractive that you’d say, “Hayi dude!” even if you weren’t a guy. The broer is excessive!’

“Not only did he have a lovely appearance, but he also had a lovely soul.”

Riky had intended to put Cassper Nyovest out as a surprise performer at Cotton Fest 2022, according to Cassper Nyovest.

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